All-time talent who sought to enter the KBO…’Dark Knight’ retired without blooming

His special talent never fully bloomed and he announced his retirement. Matt Harvey (34), who was aiming to advance to the KBO league, eventually takes off his uniform.

On the 6th (Korean time), Harvey announced his retirement by posting a post saying, ‘Hello, thank you baseball’ through his SNS account.

“I will always remember the match on April 19, 2013 (local time). Throwing the ball in the big leagues, especially for the Mets, was one of my best moments and I’ll never feel that way again. But this match was a big shock to me and it was an indescribable moment. I always threw the ball to win and more importantly, to ignite the fans in the city I loved.” There was nothing I loved more than screaming and high-fiving hard, knowing that I got out of a tough situation in the 7th or 8th inning and let my emotions out and did everything I could to help my team win.” remembered them

“That day will forever stay in my dreams. While I was at the dugout, I could always hear the chants of ‘Harvey’s Better’ echoing through Citi Field.”

“It’s time to say thank you,” Harvey said. My family and friends also kept me fighting and gave me a lot of love. I may not have been able to express my gratitude at the time, but I want to thank each and every one of you.” More than you know, I wanted to fight alongside you.”

Lastly, to the Mets fans, “You have made a dream come true that I could never have thought to be real. Who would have thought that a kid from Mystic, Connecticut could play in the greatest city in the world. You are forever embedded in my heart. Hello, baseball, thank you,” he thanked Mets fans once again. 

Harvey, who was a right-handed fastball pitcher named by the Mets in the 7th overall in the first round in 2010, debuted in 2012 and recorded 180 total games (966⅓ innings), 50-66, 4.42 strikeouts, and 867 strikeouts in 9 major league seasons until 2021. . 

As an ace who appeared in the Mets’ dark period, he was also in the limelight as an ace who would save the Mets. The nickname ‘Dark Knight’ given to him by fans clearly showed the expectations he had for Harvey.

Expectations were raised that he would become a pitcher representing the major leagues. However, he took a downturn in 2016 with thoracic impingement syndrome. Harvey, who had absenteeism due to excessive drinking or attended parties in other regions while away, was also a controversial child, openly expressing dissatisfaction with the bullpen position transfer.  먹튀검증

After being traded to the Cincinnati Reds during the 2018 season, he moved to the Los Angeles Angels in 2019, the Kansas City Royals in 2020, and the Baltimore Orioles in 2021. There were no major league appearances last year. He escaped judicial punishment by testifying in court that he provided narcotic painkillers to his fellow pitcher, Tyler Skaggs, who died of drug misuse during his time with the Angels in 2019, but had to receive a 60-game suspension from the Secretariat. 

At one time, he tried to make a comeback by aiming to advance to the KBO League, and he tried to make a comeback while pitching for the Italian national team in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) this year, but he could not find a team and announced his retirement.

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