‘Action Cam’ taken by Yang Eui-ji himself The great catcher was different

“It’s going to get stuck in my throat.”
Yang Eui-ji (36) of Doosan made sacrifices for the readers of Sports Seoul. He spared no effort, saying, “It’s a new scene for fans, so I can’t make it long, I’ll try to make it short.” The first release of ‘Doosan Camp’, which is gathering the hottest topics among baseball contents on the Sports Seoul YouTube channel! This is the background of Yang Eui-ji’s first-person point of view Choi Won-joon’s bullpen pitching direct cam.

The deal (?) was concluded secretly and quickly. On the 11th of last month, at the Doosan re-entry ceremony, he suggested installing a camera on the catcher’s mask when bullpen pitching in spring camp. Yang Eui-ji accepted without much hesitation, saying, “Let’s do it.” “I came back to Doosan after 4 years, so shouldn’t I do something to repay the fans? The catcher’s point of view is something that fans don’t often see, so I’ll try to limit it to 10.”

The camera itself weighs around 100g, but it is quite heavy when attached to a fixture or mount. The catcher mask has a frame structure, so it is not easy to mount it with only adhesive. With the help of producers from Bears TV, Doosan’s own YouTube channel, I borrowed a cradle that can be used like a hat and placed it on Yang Eui-ji. Coincidentally, Yang Eui-ji received the first bullpen pitch from native ace Choi Won-joon, and the pitching trajectory of one of the best submarines in Korea was captured realistically.
The surprising thing is that the gaze doesn’t shake much. When you start the pitching motion, there is almost no shaking until you catch the ball. This means that it makes the target stable. It is also the most different from other catchers, whose eyes are divided here and there except for the moment the ball flies. Yang Eui-ji lowered his stance, saying, “It’s just a difference in degree, and other catchers are similar.” 온라인카지노

Another interesting thing is that he constantly shouts to boost the pitcher’s morale. Pitchers have no choice but to gain strength as they shout “fighting” with so-called “belief.” In particular, comments such as “Don’t think about the course, only think about rotation” reveal some of Yang Eui-ji’s unique know-how that relieves the pitcher’s tension and boosts his confidence.
Yang Eui-ji, who showed his true appearance without adding or subtracting, said, “As I went through the corona era, I realized how precious fans are to players. If it is something that can show a good side to the fans, we will cooperate as much as possible within the range that does not affect the body or performance.” Yang Eui-ji, who is called ‘a fox wearing a bear’s mask’, is fast.

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