Act of God + Freeroll Master. How Jeon maximized the power of Valdivia

Scored 11 goals. Tied for the team lead in goals with Gyeongnam Gleason. He has seven assists. Second only to Anyang’s Andrigo (8), who has already moved on. She has seven match MVP honors.

Jeonnam’s “Freeroll Master” Valdivia. It is no exaggeration to say that he is the best player in the K League 2.

Jeonnam defeated Ansan Greeners 5-2 at home in the 22nd round of the ‘Hana OneQ K League 2 2023’ at Gwangyang Stadium on the 19th.

Valdivia recorded two assists in the first half before scoring two goals in the second half. He wasn’t focused on scoring, nor was he focused on assisting. His defensive contributions also stood out. In short, a class act. Dominance at its best

Jeonnam is playing strong attacking soccer with Valdivia up front. They’re still in seventh place in the league, but with 31 points, they’ve paved the way to the top of the table. They are only eight points behind first-place Gimcheon.

How Jeonnam maximized the power of Valdivia

The unseen advantage

Before the game against Ansan, Jeonnam head coach Lee Jang-jang was full of praise. “Valdivia’s offense is unmentionable. What’s even better is his defense. His training and attitude with his teammates are impeccable.”

Perfectly prepared for the game This is the most important key to being able to spread out and play both offense and defense.

She never pushes herself. Moves between the flanks and the center of the field, utilizing his teammates. Good at breaking down pressure and has a very good selection of passes and shots. It’s not easy to be a high contributor to a team without being flashy. Valdivia does just that.

Personalized pre-rolls

Jeonnam plays a 4-1-4-1 formation. It’s unusual. In attack, Ha Nam and Choi Sung-jin are the front two. Plana plays in the second position, and Asnawi can attack down the flanks.

It can get a little dizzying, but Valdivia clears it up when he gets a free roll.

Jeonnam presses hard in the front line. After intercepting the ball, they are quite fast in transition. This is something Lee emphasizes. This is why Mikic was substituted early in the first half against Ansan. It was a reprimand for being late in switching to defense after a failed attack.

Valdivia has a strong defense, which is why Jeonnam’s forward pressure is strong. Here, Jeonnam does not go through the midfield from the back, but uses the aerial battle between Hanam and Choi Sung-jin after a long pass. Valdivia’s positioning here is exquisite: without him, Jeonnam’s unique 4-1-4-1 formation would be less effective.

The paradox of relying on Valdivia

Valdivia is looking to lead the league in goals and assists. It’s not an easy feat. However, at the current rate, it is possible.

Valdivia is flashy. But she’s also a workhorse. 안전놀이터

And while Valdivia is the centerpiece of Jeonnam’s attacking game, paradoxically, the team will be more effective if it relies on him as little as possible.

Hanam and Choi Sung-jin are very good up front. They contest opposing defenders and facilitate penetration into the second line with long passes. This is where Valdivia comes in.

Not only that. Valdivia’s passing and breakaway ability is in a class of its own in K League 2.

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