“A new start” with a blank slate, will the appointment of the national team coach be delayed?

Michael Müller (58), the new head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, emphasized ‘accuracy’ rather than ‘fastness’. 

On the 11th, Michael Muller, the new head of the Korea Football Association National Team Strengthening Committee, held an inauguration press conference at the Korea Football Association Soccer Hall.

The Korea Football Association announced on the 4th that “Recently, Lee Yong-soo, chairman of the National Team Power Enhancement Committee, expressed his gratitude and repaired it, and newly appointed Michael Müller (58), 바카라 who is currently the technical development chairman of the association, as his successor.”

This is the first time that a foreigner has been appointed to the head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, which is responsible for fostering and managing the national team. 

Chairman Müller, who is from Germany, took office as a leader training instructor for the Korea Football Association in April 2018, and since the fall of that year, he has served as the association’s technical development chairman twice.  

Chairman Müller received the first coaching candidate from former Chairman Lee Yong-soo, who previously served as the National Team Strengthening Committee.

At the time of appointing Chairman Muller, the Korea Football Association said, “If necessary, the new committee centered on Chairman Muller may add candidates,” and said, “If the committee is newly established, the appointment process will begin in earnest, so we will appoint a new coach by the end of February. There is no change in the original target schedule to be appointed.”  

“Things have changed,” Müller said at a press conference. He said, “We need to form a new supervisory committee. We need to set the selection criteria. We have created guidelines for the search and evaluation of supervisors, and we are going to start the process. So far, we are not limited to a specific nationality. We will follow this process,” he said. 

He continued, “I am reviewing it again from a blank slate. I am reviewing it from each side. First of all, I am grateful for receiving the primary candidate group from the former chairman. But first of all, I am using my network as well,” leaving all possibilities open. 

After this remark, a specific question came. When asked if the German coach was also considering using a personal network, Müller said, “Because I am German, I have to think internationally. We are considering all directions. I don’t think I can give an adequate answer.” 

Timing is also an issue. If you go into review with a blank slate, it may be difficult to appoint a national coach by the end of February, as previously planned. As there is an A-match schedule right now in March, it is necessary to appoint at the end of February in order to play the first game with the next manager system. If so, there is a possibility that March will be paid by proxy. 

Chairman Muller said, “It is difficult to predict a specific date in football. What is more important than that is to go in the right direction. Rather than just ‘quickly’, we are trying to appoint a manager according to the procedure.” 

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