‘83.8 → 78.9 runs’ DB of Kim Joo-sung’s system, from now on is important

The Wonju DB under the acting coach Kim Joo-sung has been put to the test .

DB is recording 5 wins and 3 losses in 8 matches under the acting coach Kim Joo-sung . DB , who accumulated multipliers in a short time and reached 16-21 , is competing for the 6th place with Jeonju KCC (16-20 ) and Suwon KT ( 16-21 ) .

The most outstanding part is the defense . Foreign players – Kang Sang- jae – Kim Jong-gyu The triple post operation time is drastically increased and the strategy of lowering the opponent’s score is seeing the effect . DB ‘s average run this season is 83.8 points, which is the highest among 10 clubs, but in the 8 games played under Kim Joo-sung’s acting coach system, it dropped sharply to 78.9 points .

Regarding this, Acting Supervisor Kim Joo-seong said, “ Nothing has changed . It’s just a restatement of what we’ve been doing and what we knew. However , through conversations with the players, we point out the parts that need to be corrected again and make changes to suit the opposing team . ” He also said, “ The number of wins piled up because other teams were not aware of the changes in our team’s defense . It’s really important from now on because the opponents come to know us after going through a round . ”  메이저놀이터

DB starts with Changwon LG on the 3rd (74-76 loss ) , Ulsan Hyundai Mobis ( Ulsan ) on the 5th , and Anyang KGC ( Anyang ) on ​​the 9th . It is a schedule to meet the top 3 teams in a row . It is a great opportunity to test DB ‘s changed defense and true team competitiveness . In the game against LG on the 3rd , unfortunately, they were defeated by 2 points, but DB ‘s defense showed well that it can compete with LG , which boasts a top-notch defense in the league .

Acting head coach Kim Joo-seong said, “ Our team has limited offensive options, and when the big 3 ( triple post ) is activated, the offensive part is not well balanced . Since it is difficult to make a big change right away in offense, I decided that it was right to start with defense . This time, we will continue to meet the top teams . I made a plan to win at least one win here . You have to win at least one win and persevere well to survive the competition . I really want to go to the semifinal playoffs, ” he said, expressing his determination .

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