4 types of ‘Night Crow’ classes to be previewed

WeMade revealed information on four types of characters in the game ahead of the release of the MMORPG ‘Night Crow’ on the 27th. 

The initial classes of ‘Night Crow’ are Warrior, Swordsman, Hunter, and Witch. Each class goes through three promotions through the former system and grows into a specialized character. Attribute points can be obtained according to job advancement, promotion level, and weapon proficiency, and can be used to strengthen skills or learn new skills.

In particular, since it doesn’t take long to play from the initial class to the 1st job, let’s find out in advance the 1st job according to the weapon you want to use.

Warrior, with strong strength and excellent defense, is a short-range class that rushes at the enemy and fights. Utilizes a huge weapon to press the enemy or use a heavy fighting style to block the path. 메이저사이트

You can change your job to one of the two-handed sword and spear jobs. The two-handed sword job wields a heavy and large sword to attack the enemy with powerful destructive power. If you use a spear as a weapon, you can block the movement of multiple enemies by pulling or restraining them.

The Swordsman class has high defense and is suitable for close-range combat. It demonstrates high attack efficiency even on the battlefield where many enemies are concentrated. It is useful when riding a glider to dig into enemy lines and attack them, or to deal with swarming enemies.

Swordsman can grow into a one-handed or dual-sword job. Depending on the class you choose, you have the potential to use your shield to protect yourself and your allies, or to deliver a fatal blow to your enemies with your twin swords.

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