2023 KBO League also applies for salary adjustment ‘zero’… No for 2 consecutive years

For two years in a row, no players have applied for salary adjustment.

On the 10th, the KBO announced that ‘application for salary adjustment has been closed and there are no players applying for adjustment’.

Among players who have completed the number of first-team registration days in the KBO League for more than three years, players who have disagreements in salary negotiations with their club and cannot find an agreement can submit an application for salary adjustment to the KBO.

The salary adjustment 카지노 application system was implemented in 1983. A total of 98 applications for annual salary adjustments have been received. In fact, there have been 21 cases where even the mediation committee was held. The only examples of players winning were Ryu Ji-hyun of the LG Twins in 2002 and KT Ju-gwon in 2021. A player’s chance of winning is 9.5%. It was only about 10%. The most recent example of a player’s victory was the 2021 KT Wiz pitcher’s sovereignty.

In the aftermath of this year’s salary cap, it was expected that there would be cases that would lead to an application for salary adjustment, but it did not lead to actual acceptance. An atmosphere was formed to continue negotiations without applying for an adjustment, and no player applied for an annual salary adjustment for two consecutive years following last year.

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