1m34cm father driving 200km, famous filial son 1m95cm Impressive volleyball by son

Professional volleyball KB Insurance Han Seong-jeong (27, 1m95cm) greets fans before and after every game. The fan’s height is 1m34cm. The height difference between the two reaches 61 cm. 

Short fans drive a distance of 200 km (Okcheon ↔ Uijeongbu Gymnasium one way) with uncomfortable body to find the stadium. The time he meets Han Seong-jeong is as short as an instant. But the happiness fans feel is as long as eternity. The affectionate father and son meet like this at the volleyball court.

Han Seong-jeong is a well-known filial son in the volleyball world. He touched the hands of his father, Han Eun-beom (58), and said, “He did everything for me. When I was young, I worked in cold water for a long time and got frostbite.” Almost none,” he said sadly. Mr. Han has a level 3 physical disability (dwarfism). 

Han Seong-jeong is an outside hitter (left) who scored 234 points in a total of 34 games in the 2022-23 season. He is good at attacking as well as defending and receiving. Joined Woori Card as the first overall in 2017-18, and transferred to KB Insurance in December 2021. Last year, he qualified as a free agent (FA) for the first time in his life and signed a contract with KB Insurance for a total of 500 million won. Looking at his father’s small back, his son grew up.  His father was injured before he could even walk. It is said that his older brother was carrying young Han on his back and then dropped him behind him. Because he did not receive proper treatment at the time, he lived an uncomfortable life for the rest of his life. Han Seong-jeong expressed regret, saying, “He went to the hospital recently and was told that his father’s organs were in place, so surgery could be dangerous.”  스포츠토토

I had a lot of worries until I held my eldest son Han Seong-jeong in my arms. Mr. Han confessed, “I’ve taken a lot of medicine since I was young. I boiled a lot, thinking, ‘Wouldn’t I be born with a disability?'” He was delighted to hear that the nurse said ‘the child is normal’ and said, “I also gave birth to a son.” 

Contrary to concerns, Han Seong-jeong has been taller than her peers by more than one hand since kindergarten. When he was in elementary school, he was offered a scout for the volleyball team. For over a month, leaders have been visiting the house every day. He initially held back. Mr. Han said, “Because I was a poor person, I lived on state subsidies. Even if I wanted to work, there was no place for me to write because I was not physically fit. Doesn’t it cost a lot of money to grow?” 

After meeting with the director, Mr. Han asked his son, ‘Do you want to play volleyball?’ The answer came back to be ‘yes’. Han Seong-jeong looked back and said, “I couldn’t even go to the academy because of my poor circumstances. Mr. Han said, “When I was in school, I stayed in the classroom alone during PE class. I couldn’t stop my son from wanting to exercise after experiencing such pain.”

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