168.8 billion strikers, there is a possibility to leave… “It’s up to the club to decide.”

Will Napoli’s Victor Osimen (24) change his uniform?

The British media ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 21st (Korean time), “Osimen, who is worth 107 million pounds (approximately 168.8 billion won), leaves the possibility of leaving Naples in the summer. Recognizing the interest of Europe’s top clubs, he is showing his performance. We want to show it.”

“Osimen is one of the most promising strikers in world football. He wants to lead Napoli to the Serie A title after 33 years.”

“If I keep doing well, the clubs in the top five leagues around the world will be watching me,” he told ESPN. It motivates me to do more.”

“But right now I’m focusing on Napoli. The final option is in Napoli. I just want to help the team win and win trophies.”

“I don’t know what will happen at the end of the season,” Osimen said. “That’s not for me to decide. It’s for the club to decide.”

Seeing the potential of Osimen, who is close to a raw stone, Napoli spent 70 million euros (approximately 97.3 billion won) in a transfer fee to recruit him in 2020. He was the highest transfer fee for an African player and the highest in Napoli club history. 온라인카지노

Osimen is an all-weather striker with excellent physical ability and goal scoring ability. Despite his height of 186cm, he has quick feet and shows strength in both fighting and penetrating the ball in the air. He also has a lot of activity, so he faithfully participates in defense throughout the 90 minutes. He also complied with the offensive point production, scoring 18 goals and 6 assists in 32 games in the last 2021-22 season.

The stock has risen more this season. He has 20 goals and 4 assists in 24 appearances, 18 goals and 4 assists in 19 Serie A appearances. He is the sole leader in scoring. It is natural that several clubs are interested in Osimen.

The team that is most interested in Osimen is Manchester United. Liverpool and Chelsea are also set to jump into the scout. However, Napoli is determined to protect Osimen. ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Napoli insisted that they would not sell Osimen,” and “Osimen’s contract expires in two years. The club will be under serious pressure from fans to sign a new contract.”

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